Behind the Scenes of COALESCENCE

Behind the Scenes of COALESCENCE

The joining or merging of elements to form one mass or whole.

On a sunny spring day in the picturesque London borough of Greenwich the idea came to two young women: coalescence. A collection that would showcase two cultures at once. One of them, Mariell, was Norwegian, the other, Maya, Indian-German. The thought that their friendship, which was marked by so many personal contrasts and yet beautiful in its way, could be reflected through their creations was exciting to them. Not yet knowing where this would lead them they started to create designs that inhibit nuances of the saree, flowing mesh fabrics that remind of glacial waterfalls, and colours that are as bold as their dreams. And so, line by line, stitch by stitch and layer by layer, COALESCENCE emerged. 

A dreamer by day.
She is a dreamer by day. Only when the night dawns does she awaken.
She has tuned her senses to navigate the dark, her eyes and ears wide open like a wildcat on the hunt.   
She moves with intent, gaze fixed, her breath attuned to the beat of her heart. 
She does not trip, nor does she stumble.
She is proud, and yet she is humble.
She is a dreamer by day. Only when the night dawns does she awaken. 
She is Captivating
She exists as a singular being, made whole and complete. 
She is uniquely herself, beyond comparison and far from any norm. No box or label could ever define her,
no standard could ever measure the entirety of her being. 
She is fierce, and yet she is fragile.
Like a wildflower on a mountain top she defies the odds.  
She does not wither, she evolves. 
- Faye Sirohi 

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